Basket of Elven Provisioning


A small picnic basket with a lid, it appears to not have been woven, but rather grown directly from the wood itself. It smells slightly of berries and forest air. The cloth inside is decorated with small forest animals – squirrels, rabbits, mice, etc).

Magic item – Everlasting Provisions (After an extended rest, you open the basket, creating enough food (berries, nuts, grains and vegetables) and water to feed five Medium or Small creatures (or one Large creature) for 24 hours. After consuming this food you also gain a +2 on nature checks for the rest of the day.


It is Eladrin or Elven in origin and was considered a common item at the height of the Eladrin empire. Now however, the magic of making such a fine object have been lost, and modern versions produce food that is bland by comparison and provides no assistance in dealing with the natural world.

Basket of Elven Provisioning

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