PC Races

note – Drow and Kalashtar are unknown in the World, and thus unavailable as a PC race.


Changelings are mainly found in the soot covered streets of the West serving amongst the secret police of the Lady. However, perhaps this is just the only place which they live openly, in truth changelings could be anywhere. At least that is what the local drunk will tell you.


Devas are extremely rare in the World. Stories swirl around them wherever they appear. Are they Angels sent by the Light to live amongst morals, or are they older than that – the now mortal servants of the old gods. If the Devas know, they are not telling.

Dragonspawn (Dragonborn)

Dragonspawn are a new race to take their place in the world. They arrived at the same time as the Dragon Tyrants, and thus are viewed with suspicion and as slaves or creations of the returned Dragons. However, the oldest Dragonspawn will tale tales of breaking out of their shell in deep caves hidden far underground, and of their early life being raised by primal spirits and taught the importance of honor.

This has however not stopped many Dragonspawn from falling into willing service of the Dragons, especially of the fiery Daros.


Dwarves are an ancient and proud race now in a shocking decline. Creations of the Primordials long ago the Dwarves were instrumental in the defeat of their creators at the hands of the Old Gods when they rebelled and joined with their Eldarin foes.

Since that time the Dwarven kingdoms have always stood strong amongst the mountains at the center of the world. The return of the Dragons ended all of that for they fell directly upon the mountain homes of the Dwarves.

Now the only Dwarves that remain are those few who were out of their mountain homes at the time of Dragon Fall. There are rumors that some Dwarves survived the arrival of the Dragons and now serve as slaves of Daros – these rumors have lead to several expeditions of surviving Dwarves into the Burning Lands, but this only thins the numbers of Dwarves more as none have returned alive.

Dark Eldarin (Eldarin)

Eldarin were the first creation of the Old Gods, and the first civilization in the World. However they retreated from the World log ago, some say taking the Old Gods with them.

Now the only Eldarin found in the world are the so called “Dark Eldarin”, who have been banished from the Feywild for their crimes. However as a punishment they have been stripped of their past, their memories wiped of the time they spent in paradise. Only one memory remains, a shining shiver of the terrible crime that lead to their eviction, and a deep sense of loss.

The Abandoned (Elves)

The Abandoned, or Eirdalylaer as they call themselves, are the ancestors of Eldarin who were left behind in the World long ago – outcasts all, the Abandoned retain very little racial memory of their past glory, either due to magic of the Eldarin before they left or simply because those that were left behind knew very little anyway.

Whats more they were abandoned to face an attacking Minotaur civilization, which enslaved or killed many or the Eirdalylaer.

They are not the regal forest dwellers of ancient Eldarin songs, but rather they are drifters and troublemakers. Gypsies, thieves and mercenaries.


Genasi were rare in the world. Being typically born of other races who lived in areas close to strong Elemental forces. However with the sundering of the world Genasi have become more common and now form small communities. Especially on the floating Earth Motes of the New Sea and amongst the peaks of the Burning land.


Inventive and nimble Gnomes are responsible for much of the technological advancement of the West. As such they make up much of the middle-class of The Lady’s domain. They are the factory foremen, the magecrafters and artificers of the realm.

This does allow them slightly more freedom than the common citizen, however many Gnomes still yearn for the time where they were free to laugh, and innovate without purpose.


The Githzerai are not of the World and their are no known native communities of this race. As such they are rare. However, they do visit the world, although it is more common to encounter them in the West, where Psionics are more common.


The proud Goliaths live in the mountain ranges to the North of the Empire of Light. Proudly independent in their worship of Primal Spirits they resisted the advances of the Empire even during the Golden Age. However Kursk’s forces have come to the mountains, killing as they go.

While many Goliaths stay and fight in their mountain homes, others have come to Anar hoping that the Empire they long resisted can now save them. These Goliaths have often entered into the service of the Light and are now amongst some of the most fanatic followers of the religion.

Half-Dwarves (Muls)

Interbreeding amongst Dwarves and Humans was never common. However now that Dwarven numbers are so low it has begun to become more common, creating the hardy Half-Dwarves. This of course is greatly frowned upon by those Dwarves who see it as the duty of all Dwarves everywhere to repopulate the Dwarven race, and not to weaken it with Human blood.


Communities of Half-Elves date back to the time before the Eldarin left the World, when the wild tribes of men and the civilization of the Elder Elves mixed. Therefore Half-Elves in the world now are likely to have Half-Elve parents and live amongst the human Empire of Light or in the Dark streets of the Lady’s domain.

However a few Half-Elves still arise from mixed parenthood, and not always under favorable conditions.


As Kursk’s hordes have spread so have Half-Orcs. Either arriving, unwanted, with human refugees or with the strengthening of the true breeding Half-Orc tribes amongst Kursk’s forces.

Most are evil, however within Anar all are welcome that can pass the Wall.


The Halfling civilization once covered the plains around the center mountains. They were a joyous nomadic people who hunted far and wide, and with their great numbers acted as a buffer between the Western Nations of the Tieflings and the Eastern Empire of Light.

Dragonfall changed all of that, shattering the planes and creating the New Sea where the Halflings plains once were. Ever adaptable however, the Halflings have become a Island people. Living on the sea, on the Islands and on the Earth Motes that now float above the new Sea.

They are however also the favored target of the Dragon Farod, and his raiding Pirates – although other races point out that many of Farod’s Pirates are in fact Halflings themselves, and that Halfling “trading” ships that often remind them of pirate vessels.


Humans are the most common race in both the East and the West. However in the West, under the shadow of The Lady they are mostly the lower class, working in the factories from a young age and suffering the depravations of the Tiefling run theocracy. In the East however the Empire of Light is a Human Empire, and Humanity is found at all levels of the social ladder.

Humans from the West tend to have light complexions and are of average hight or taller. Whereas Humans from the East are primarily of a more golden complexion and of shorter build, with almond shaped eyes. Although Humans of any type can be found throughout the world.


Today Minotaurs are commonly seen as a evil bestial demon worshipping race. However while the history of Minotaurs is a history of Evil, they were not always the brutal savages that now serve amongst Kursks armies.

Rather, near the end of the time of the Eladrin civilization one Tribe of Minotaurs turned away from worship of their Demon Lord, and began to worship The Dark. The leader of this tribe, through guile and strength, managed to unite the Minotaur race under him, and therefore bring the whole race into the service of the Dark – This new united, and organized, Minotaur force fell upon the cities of the Eldarin, only to find them empty apart from a few of the Abandoned.

So it was that the Minotaur civlization grew amongst the Eldarin cities of the East, enslaving the local Human tribes and fighting wars with the Dwarves in their mountains and raiding the Halflings on the plains. However Demons are jealous and wrathful, and the Minotaurs creator was not pleased at the betrayal of his people, and their new “civilized” ways. Therefore he, with the help of a few scattered cults raised a great curse of bloodlust upon the new civilization.

This curse spread slowly at first, but then it began to move amongst the Minotaur population like a plague, and just as fast as it had arrived, the great Minotaur civilization collapsed into brutal bloody civil war and slaughter.

However, even now, if you know where to look within Cities of the Empire of Light you can still see the influence of the Minotaurs in twisting turning labyrinthine street layouts. So.. while most Minotaurs are now brutal creatures, a rare few resist this call, and wish for the trappings of civilization again.


These living constructs are also not part of the world. However where they do occur it tends to be more in the West where Psionics are more common. Given the history of Shardminds this has left some to ponder if The Lady has made alliances with more than just the Mortals of the West.


The race of Shifters lived amongst the forests of the East, always on the edge of civilization. They were never numerous enough to bother the Empire of Light, although they did sometimes disrupt logging operations that moved too deeply into their forests. For their part the Shifters benefitted from the Light Wall as much as any in the West, and as such were not hostile towards the Empire.

With the arrival of Kursk that all changed – the Light Wall retreated, and the Shifters found themselves exposed. Worse, the Empire had (some say maliciously, while others say the Empire was simply preoccupied with its own problems) not warned the Shifters of exactly how quickly the Wall was retreating.

As such many tribes of Shifters, rather than be destroyed, allied with the advancing Horde. However some Tribes, especially those who had converted to the worship of The Light, retreated deeper within the Empire, and now can be found living amongst the many refugees in Anar.

Steamforged (Warforged)

In the West the pinnacle of the Gnomes Technology are the Steamforged. Constructs of clockwork, steam technology and magic these living constructs are constructed to serve as enforcers in The Lady’s police force, and as the back bone of her army.

However, in an act of rebellion the Gnomes have given their creations free will, and thus some can now be found seeking escape from their former lives of service.


The Tieflings have long ruled in the West. Once they were humans noble families who made pacts with the Dark for more power, transforming them into Tieflings. However during the Final War they betrayed their dark masters, joining forces with the rising Empire and helping defeat the Dark for once and all… or so it was thought.

For their help in the Final War they retained control over their ancestral lands, however since the Light Wall did not reach these Western realms the Eastern Empire remained suspicious of nobles who had already betrayed others for their own gain. However during the Golden Age the West flourished, becoming even more technologically advanced than the East.

However when the Dragons returned, many of the Tiefling nobles once again showed their true colours and quickly capitulated. Those families who did not were quickly destroyed.

Now the Tieflings are only second in power to The Lady in the West. Noble families are now Theocratic Dynasties, and they point to the devastation in the East to justify their decision. “They resisted, good for them, they had the wall, we had no such defense”.


Wildens, much like the Shifters in the East, lived in the Wild places of the West. Here they still live, however they are a hunted people. As industry and civilization spreads in the West, so their natural homes are destroyed.

Wilden have responded to this encroachment on their territory by staging a long guerilla war (along with members of other races who have escaped the cities of The Lady). Therefore, as meager and as few in number as they are, they account for one of the only force of defiance against The Lady, sabotaging her factories and desecrating her temples.

PC Races

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