Vestments of the Skytouch Peaks

These flowing robes are cut to allow free movement, and its gray silk constantly flows with patterns, creating the impression of cloud covered gray sky. Wearing it gives its wearer a feeling of weightlessness when moving, and allows for great feat leaps


Armor: Cloth
 Enhancement: +1 AC
Power (Encounter): Free Action. Use this power when you make an Athletics check to jump. You jump an additional number of squares equal to this armor’s enhancement bonus. This jump can exceed your normal movement.
Power (Daily): Move. Use this power and instead of your usual move you may fly that your speed. If you end your move off the ground, you fall.


These robes are the vestments of the Monks of the Skytouch Peaks that lie to the South-West of Anar. The order is famous for its gravity defying leaps. Whether the order still exists is unknown, but these particular robes were a gift to the a previous Emperor of Light from a visiting delegation of the order during the golden age.

Vestments of the Skytouch Peaks

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