The Cnidaria

An elemental airship - the finest in the East according to its builder


Elemental Airship, Gargantuan Vehicle
HP: 350 Space: 7 by 20 squares
AC: 4; Fort: 20; Ref: 4
Spd: 0, fly 12 (hover), overland flight 16
The pilot must stand within the circle of runes on the command deck in order to control the vessel.
Crew are not usually, however in the case of rough weather 4 crew are needed to assist with the running of the ship. If not present -4 to spd for each missing crew member (min spd 1)
A ballista charged by the elemental that powers the ship. It uses this power to launch acid tipped bolts at opponents.
Load: Standard action
Aim: Minor Action
AC: 23; Fort: 24; Ref: 23
Sting! (Standard; at Will)
Ranged 20/40; attack bonus noted below; 2d6 Damage + 5 going acid damage (save ends)
Siege Weapon Rules
No Powers: No weapon powers can be used with the Cnidocyte
Actions: Loading and firing require multiple actions, which may be split between different characters. Each character must be adjacent to the weapon. Actions required to load, aim, and fire are indicated above.
Aim: Chose a square as a target; this action can be skipped if the same target is targeted from the previous round One can load then aim; or aim, then load.
Attack bonus: Add one half the level of the lowest crew member, the Int modifier of the crew member who aimed, any bonus applicable from conditions that apply to weapon attacks from the crew member that fired, and any penalties form any of the crew members.
Damage: Roll the indicated damage dice; the Cnidocyte adds no ability modifier to its damage rolls.
The Cogs:
Part of the propulsion system is the clockwork cogs that surround the ship. These are also potentially damaging. Any Medium or smaller creatures that falls through or flies through the cogs suffer a +15 vs Reflex attack and takes 3d8 damage if hit. Larger creatures or objects suffer the same attack, but on a hit the Cnidaria takes the same amount damage, potentially damaging the propulsion as laid out below.
35 Medium Creatures; 20 tons of Cargo
Out of control:
An out of control airship moves forward at half-speed. Each round, it has a 50% chance of descending. It descends 5 squares for the first 10 rounds and 10 squares thereafter. An out-of-control airship that hits the ground after descending more than 20 squares is destroyed.
The Cnidaria has 3 decks. A command Deck and Weapon Deck, the Main Deck, and the cargo hold/passenger deck.
Fragile Propulsion:
For every 50 damage the airship takes, its speed is reduced by 2 squares. At fly speed 0, the ship is unable to travel and the airship floats out of control.
Elemental Propulsion:
The Cnidaria is powered by an Elemental. If it is somehow released or destroyed, the ship comes to a halt at the beginning of its turn and the unseen servants and ballista seize to function.

The cnidaria


Built by Gideon Airwright, a gnomish engineer from the West and his son Ralph, it is the only of its type in the East.

The boat itself is in the traditional shape of an imperial dragon boat and has been pained a deep black colour with white lettering on the prow spelling out the word “Cnidaria”. However what really sets it apart from the many other similar boats in the harbour is that it is intersected by two massive cogs;, one made of brass and the other of silver. The brass cog must be at least 100 ft in diameter, with the sliver cog resting up above it coming in only slightly smaller at about 70 ft in diameter.

Both cogs are covered in intricate carvings in gnomish script. From the bottom of the boat dangle an assortment of banners in red and white. They too have Gnomish script elegantly embroidered on them. Up on the Forecastle of the boat you can just make out a large Ballista loaded with wickedly barbed bolts and with strange cables running out of it.

The Cnidaria is currently without a power source, but a quest is currently underway to recover one.

The Cnidaria

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