The Archmage's robe of intimidating eyes


This robe appears to be made from some kind of incredibly soft, strangely warm leather, which rather uncomfortably reminds you of skin. This impression is intensified by eye like runes that seem to have been expertly burnt into the robe, and is all but confirmed with they open briefly to reveal numerous eyes which survey the world around you letting you see what they do.

Armor: Cloth 
Enhancement: +2 AC

Property: You cannot be blinded and gain an item bonus to Perception checks equal to the armor’s enhancement bonus. Due to it’s somewhat disturbing nature it also offers a bonus of +2 to intimidation checks.


History DC 10 – a robe belonging to the Archmage DC 20 – the Archmage rumoured to have worn such a robe in his early days of adventuring. It is also rumoured that it is made from the captured souls of his enemies.

The Archmage's robe of intimidating eyes

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