Talon of Farod

Carved from a talon of a dragon its blade is wrapped in runes reflecting the four elements. This dagger can strip away a creature’s elemental defenses.

weapon (melee)

Weapon: Dagger 
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls 
Critical: +2d6 damage

Property: On a critical hit the target loses its resistances (save ends). The dagger also grants the wearer a +1 bonus on endurance checks related to resisting the elements.
Power (Daily): Free Action. Until the end of the encounter, sorcerer attack powers you use through this dagger ignore the resistances of any enemy within 10 squares of you.


This dagger was carved from a Talon of the mount of the Halfling Champion of the Light, Ado. That Dragon is now known as Farod and is the pirate ruler of the central sea. The high sorcerer Kalami made, and owned this dagger. It was made from a Talon that Farod lost in a battle with a Demon Lord in the West. Kalami took part in the final battle, and then lived out the rest of his days in the golden age.

Talon of Farod

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