Sonic Skyrender Shuriken

This three-pronged Shuriken is made of a light silvery material and gently thrums with sonic energy. When thrown, it transforms into swirling sonic energy, and air roils along the path of your ammunition, hindering or disabling a flying creature's ability

weapon (ranged)

Weapon: Shuriken
Enhancement Bonus: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls, all damage also has the thunder type attached.
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
When you hit a flying target with this weapon, halve the target’s fly speed until the end of your next turn.
On a critcal hit you deal 2d12 thunder damage against a flying target.
Power Daily (Free Action)
Use this power when you hit an airborne target using this weapon. The target falls 10 squares. If it hits the ground, it is prone but takes no damage from the fall.


Designed by the Monks of the Monks of the sunken valley this weapon was primarily for use against their hated foes, the flying Monks of the Skytouch Peaks.

Sonic Skyrender Shuriken

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