Sehanine’s Face


An intricate tattoo of the night sky covers every inch of your body. It is both similar to the Sky above the world, and at the same time, different and alien – including a second, larger and brighter which overshadows the moon which can now be seen above the World. Every night, while you slumber, and when you activate the powers of the tattoo moves like the night sky as well.

Wondrous Item 

Property: If you have the Cosmic Magic sorcerer class feature, when you use your second wind, you can choose to change your phase to the next higher-numbered phase. In addition at any time you can choose to change damage of your powers from their current type, to radiant damage.


Religion DC 15 – Ancient and rare myths tell of a second moon that orbited the world. It is said to have been lost during one of the rare moments in the war between the Old Gods and Primordials when the conflict between these great beings spilled out into the world. DC 20 – It is whispered in the halls of the followers of the Light that if the moon should ever reappear it would be an omen of woe for the days to come.

Currently in possession of Inotan

Sehanine’s Face

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