Mhurd’s Tomb


Worked from rough stone, the plates of this bulky armor enable its wearer to tap into the limitless endurance of the earth. It is covered in runes that appear to be some kind of ancient dwarvish, but are unreadable to modern eyes. The armor, while still solid and strong, leaves small amounts of stone dust behind it whenever the wearer is still for any significant amount of time.

Armor: Plate 
Enhancement: +1 AC, also grants +1 to death saves and grants the feat “Armor Proficiency (Plate)” to any Dwarf with levels in a Defender class that wears it.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain temporary hit points equal to 10 + your Constitution modifier. They last until depleted or until you take an extended rest.


History check – DC 15 = the armor is obviously ancient beyond count, perhaps even dating back to the first days when only the Dwarves, Giants and Titans walked the earth.

Religion Check – DC 20 = The runes actually refer strangely both to the Primordials, and the Gods of Old. Although it appears that the runes referencing the gods were added at a later date and sometimes directly over the previous runes.

Currently in possession of Karragh

Mhurd’s Tomb

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