Iron Body, Steel Strike Ki Focus


This set of weights consists of rune-scribed chunks of lead laced together with leather straps. When tied to your feet and hands, you can perform the exercises needed to master both the Iron Body and Steel Strike techniques.

Implement (Ki Focus) 
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and +2 to damage rolls
 Critical: +1d10 damage
Property: If you hit an opponent with an attack using this ki focus, you gain resistance to all of that target’s attacks equal to 2 + this implement’s enhancement bonus until the end of your next turn.


History – DC 15 – The Iron Body technique was first invented by an ancient master of the four winds whose name has been lost to time. It was rumored however that there was another technique that came along with it that strengthened the force of the users blows.

Currently in possession of Delynx

Iron Body, Steel Strike Ki Focus

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