Blasting Shield of Makel


This stout shield can be used to force your opponents back. It is a stout Oakwood shield with bronze banding, and a raised Minotaur head in the middle, its horns pointing forward as if to charge and its mouth frozen open in a war cry. When its effect is used the head seems to come alive and bellows at the opponent, forcing them back.

Item Slot: Arms
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit an enemy with a melee attack. Push the enemy 1d4 squares after applying the attack’s effects, and they are deafened (save ends)


History check: 10+ this Shield clearly dates from the time of the Minotaur Empire and was likely carried by a powerful warrior; 15+ You remember a tale of a mighty Minotaur champion named Makel who was famous for his loud bellowing voice and brutal war cries – he is said to have had a fine magical Oakwood shield which bellowed almost as loud as he did.

Currently in possession of Minra

Blasting Shield of Makel

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