Tarl, Champion of the Light


Tarl is the current “Champion of the Light” a title given to the most powerful and brave of the order of Paladins of the Light. He has fought countless battles against Krusk’s forces, and never fallen.

Tarl is a deva and never seen without his golden winged armor, an impressive sight for sure. His face however is grim and sad. He is one of the last true heroes in the East, and has seen many friends killed, both in this life time and the ones before.

The players have only directly encountered Tarl once. He, like the players and Sal the Red, lead an expedition out into the New City, an expedition that turned out to be a trap. He escaped, as did Sal and the players.

He also helped fight many of the beasts that invaded the Palace during the Day of Beasts, although the players only know this from stories they have heard.

Tarl, Champion of the Light

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