Sal the Red


Sal is an apprentice of the Archmage, although he is a powerful mage in his own right. He is short and has a portly belly that pushes out the front of his fine red silk robes (almost making him look pregnant). He has a shaved head and a long black mustache that dangles down to his chest.

A faint smell of sulphur hangs around him, and he carries an orb that glows with a internal flame.

The players first encountered Sal after the battle of the line. It was him that confined them to the tents, and warned them of the threat from the tainted weapons that Kursk’s army used.

Later he provided the players with teleportation and information on a raid out into the abandoned new city. Raids that proved to be traps! (including one that was sprung for Sal himself).

Since the day of beasts however Sal has been missing, along with most of the rest of the Archmage’s apprentices.

Sal the Red

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