Pious One

High Priest of the Light


An ancient skeletal looking Eldarin in simple white hooded robe. Although most of his body appears ancient, is face is surprisingly young. He carries a staff topped with a small sunburst.

The Pious One helped build the Pavilion of Light, raise the light wall, and is generally credited with moving the worship of the Light from a cult to a full blown religion.

The players have encounters the Pious One on a couple of occasions. It was in fact him that recommended the players enter into the Emperors service in order to avoid the penalty associated with trespass in the Forbidden Garden. The next time the players met the Pious One was in their own chambers where he visited them at their request to discuss the problems in the city.

Later the Pious One gave the players a quest to discover the location of the ancient tree within the city (inside which the players had previously rested). The players succeeded in this, and reported the tree’s location.

Pious One

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