Peasants at the Barricade


While fleeing from the fall of the Line the players encountered a group of Peasants who had raised a barricade in new town and were refusing to let the players pass. Thanks to the efforts of Inotan and Delynx (resisted, yet not countered by Minra and Karragh) the players not only convinced the Peasants to let them pass, but to stay at the barricade and slow down the advancing Horde in order to give the players a chance to reach the gates of the Old City.

Later, a young woman (she appears no more than 18) recognized the players within the city. She had been on the barricade and managed to escape when it was overrun. The rest of her family however was slaughtered. She accused the players of being cowards and murders, causing quite a scene. She eventually ran off swearing that the players would pay for what they have done.


Peasants at the Barricade

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