General Gan


Leader of the Legion of Light, General Gan is in command (under the Emperor) of the defense of Anar. When the players have encounter him it has been in the war room of the Palace. Here he was found dressed in a simple white robe, rather than his usual golden armor. He has a long well trimmed white beard, and a tired and sorrowful face. He has after all procided over a flighting retreat for most of his career.

The General has been blunt but generally respectful of the players. He seemed initially skeptical of their Dragonslaying credentials (he thought they would be taller), but while he still may not believe that, he has come to respect the players abilities. Especially since Inotan’s warning about the potential of a Teleportation attack.

Most recently he granted the players permission to search for the missing Archmage. He also seems very uncomfortable when dealing with Sakura who treats him kind of like a grumpy grandfather.


General Gan

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