Dame Sarah Strong


A short, lithe woman, the small delicate horns just visible amongst her fiery red curls revealing her race as a Tiefling, and her pale skin colour and round eyes indicating her Western heritage.

She typically dresses in what appears to be quite outlandish clothes for example long flowing black ruffled satin skirts and black leather riding boots combined with ivory white cotton blouses with billowing sleaves, and plunging necklines. All usually tied up corsets and she is also fond of wearing chokers.

A subtle spicy lemony sent follows her, and her teeth are slightly pointed.

Dame Sarah is an ambassador from the Western nation of the Lady. She arrived in Anar 20 years ago with her mechanical bodyguard (a Steamforged) and has been there ever since. The Light Wall has not judged her, so she is tolerated in Court.

The players have only encountered Sarah once, when she visited them in the Emperors cells. During this encounter she suggested that if they wished to speak further with her that they should seek her out at the Scarlet Letter, an Inn in the city.

Dame Sarah Strong

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