Desperate Times

War for dummies

By Karragh

“I’ll never, ever team up with creatures who have not even a basic knowledge about tactics and strategy!”, Karragh mumbled hundredth time on this crazy day.

It started as a usual operation. He came to defend the city from ugly hordes of Kursk’s henchmen and found himself in a team with female minotaur and githerai, and a half-elf who doesn’t know a thing about military honor and valor.

Their first task was to defend a courtyard with two trebushets. The object looked pretty easy, so it was until after several hours of fight the wall broke, and an orc on a huge beast tried to kill’em all. But before that Karragh realised that his new brother and sisters in arms did only what they want, particularly Innotan permanently flied to the first line and took too much damage.

Also there was a problem with workers on trebushets – they tried to flee. Of course, it’s silly to anticipate any bravery from people without military training, so the team had to… hm, convince workers to stay.

Thanks to minotaur Minra and githerai Delynx, defenders managed to escape from bronosaurus and eventually killed him, but then they were trapped in a tent by their friends, just because a doctor thought they have been infected by a “zombi virus”! On the other side, it was great occasion to take a nap – Karragh felt that the next day promised to be tough.

And of course dwarf’s presentiment was right…



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