Desperate Times

Under Anar

By Minra

From the Diary of Minra:

…Kasumi, a brave soldier, she was hurt so I helped her to heal her wounds. She gave me the shield! The Blasting Shield of Makel, and I am proud to use it.


After falling into the hole in the ground, we decided to follow the tunnel. We fought our way through. Mostly Inotan, Delynx and Karragh were dealing great hits to the enemies all around. One creature tried to escape but we followed it… Into the right tunnel! 


Impressive place, like a forest, but underground. Two statues and ponds in the centre. Doesn’t seem harming but I don’t think they would welcome us here. Delynx went in first, carefully searching for traps around. Inotan was not so patient, he went straight to one of the statues and tried to touch it….they suddenly became alive! It was a hard fight, two elven protectors with two water elementals…Inotan got even unconscious, but I managed to bring him back. Luckily, he had enough strength to deal heavily damaging hits and overwhelm the statues. It was a hard fight, but after we felt stronger and more skilled for future battles (we leveled).


In the following tunnel, a guard was sitting in front of the fire, turned back on us. Delynx went sneaking forward to silence it and….It’s a trap! “GRAPPIC!” I heard and all the ceiling suddenly started falling on Delynx. She was quick enough to avoid being hit by those rocks, but it was difficult to get through to fight the Kobolts. 


Another ancient elvish sanctuary….but burned heavily. And again a trap! Delynx fell down the deep hole in the middle of the room, but managed to get out pretty quickly. I am always amazed by flexibility of that monk. Our enemies wanted us to join them, how foolish… We fought hard and won again. No one escaped.


Suddenly a secret door on a side opened….an elven maze. We decided to go in and search through. I did’t feel it’s a good idea, but the rest looked happy and relaxed…I feel more and more tired, we’re climbing up the stairs somewhere…a big ancient tree over the city of Anar! But it’s not there! It must be the elven magic! There is a room, full of food…and place to rest….
….weird dream….a dragon is born….all of us had the same one, showing us the way to the dragon.
…and something happened. All of us got something new! My Blessing sat permanently on me, Delynx got the Iron body, Steel strike Ki focus, the banding teaching her new techniques, Karragh got strong Mhurd’s Tomb armor and Inotan, when he woke up, he was covered by Sehanine’s face tattoo of two moons! The two moons of which prophecy is telling perhaps?!



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