Desperate Times

The begining

By Inotan

I was woken up by a noise of marching troops. The city of Anar was being prepared for defense. “Should I run away?” – this thought came to my mind for a second. Yesterady I went to one of the officers and have joined the defence…so point of no return has been made.

So I went to the same officer and asked him – what should I do today? He told me to follow him and soon I met 3 strange characters I was asked to join. Strange group, was my first thought, but maybe my chances are better with than without them, they looked kind of strong.

We had a mission to defend our artillery… First I had an idea that I don’t fit into the group. I wanted to fight and to use everything we could (also weapons of killed allies) but they dis not wanted me to search their bodies. Kind of strange. Anyway, the good thing was, that nobody asked me questions, and that’s better this way. And after a while we were doing things together and helping each other.

We were fightig and we did our best, we killed a lot. Unfortunatly the army of light wasn’t strong enought and we had to retreat. As they say, better luck next time. And we didn’t have to wait long for the next time…

Being kept in a tent for quarantine we were trying to get some rest. And suddenly we were falling! That was a long way down but we made it alive… alive to the next fight!



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