Desperate Times

Four babysitters.

By Delynx

“This battle could be interesting. It can be very fascinating to see what can happen to such a marvelous city if hordes of kobolds and orcs conquer it. Ghm… Not that I would like this to happen, of course, taking into account my chances of survival in this case. Oh… What’s this everyone shouts? Something for the light?”, the thoughts of the githzerai were interrupted by a shout of everyone around while some cleric prayed for their success in a battle. She suddenly felt herself a bit stronger. “Nice.”

“Defending trebuchets? Sure, as good as done.” – she replied to Chester, the commander of a trebuchet team, thinking “So nice being a nanny for some workers, while other soldiers do all the hard and dirty tasks on a battlefield”.

Delynx sat on a floor cross-legged and started to meditate. She also looked around, to examine her partners in this task. Some tough-looking middle-aged dwarf, she recalled that his name is Karragh, clearly with a military background. An arrogant sorcerer, elf or half-elf, she sometimes had troubles distinguishing them, who looked like he is already willing to run away. And… “A minotaur? Ghm… On whose side I’m fighting, again? Yes, yes, I’m defending Anar, not attacking it! So this minotaur must be of those rare minotaurs who try to control their bloodlust. That’s praiseful.” being a monk, who tries to always control both her body and her mind, she greatly respected seeing this in others.

Babysitting the trebuchet team turned out to be not so boring after all. Lots of enemies made it to their position. A first surprise was Inotan, the sorcerer. Turned out he was the most helpful person in the first couple of battles, and was able to dispatch lots of weak enemies. Herself, she started a battle with a stupidly failed attempt to hide behind the crates.

The battle lasted for a long time. She moved around the battlefield, striking enemies. Karragh looked the most dangerous among the party, as many enemies tried to attack him, instead of others. Inotan, while being always behind, was sending blasts of acid on enemies. And minotaur Minra had some strange powers that always made Delynx feel stronger and more protected in her vicinity.

Enemies definitely used some dark magic against them, as their spears were covered in a dark cloud.

Near the evening, when they were almost sure that they succeeded, the wall broke and an orc on a brontosaurus charged on them, with a whole army behind. They had to retreat in the inner city. While they ran Delynx got an idea. She remembered that a kobold shaman whom they killed earlier, had some tunneling device that Inotan owned now. “Give the device to me!” – he did it, and Delynx jumped, pushed off the wall, and landed on a brontosaurus back. She planted device between a scales of a beast. “Ehm… Ehm… Minra, what should I say now?” shouted Delynx back to the minotaur. Minra shouted back the words, and finally Delynx managed to activate the device and quickly jumped back to the ground. The beast and an orc on his back were gone for good.

When she heard that defenders quarantine them, Delynx immediately thought that she is not going to wait here until they’re ready to let them out. But it was almost night, and the group far-sightedly decided to rest before doing anything else. On her watch some man without a leg died, presumably with a risk of turning into a zombie. Delynx cold-bloodedly landed another blow in a heart of a dead man. “Well… Doesn’t look like it helped, but at least it didn’t hurt either.”

The morning came, and with it another wave of enemies from an underground hole. Well, at least that solves an issue of escaping the quarantine tent, so…




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