Desperate Times


By Delynx

After dull tunnels the light ahead was definitely something strange, possibly magic. Delynx sneaked ahead and saw a room in a shape of almost a perfect circle. Two gorgeous statues stood in the middle, with pools of water near each of them. On the floor there was a path out of fallen leaves. Kobolds seems to use this path only. There was definitely something here, they had to be ve-e-ery careful.
Githerai was the best among the team in searching for traps, so she started to search around with each her move. And then… “Ah, screw this, I’m tired of waiting! What can be wrong here?” said Inotan, and rushed inside, to the statues.
“No!” – screamed Delynx, but it was too late. The statues came to life and turned to Inotan. Pools of water suddenly started to grow into some humanoid shape. “I’ll kill this elf!” she thought, but there was no need, because in just a couple of statues’ blows he was already dead. Or unconcious at least. The team charged inside, someone (was it Minra or Karragh?) helped to revive Inotan, while others, including Delynx, concentrated on killing the magic creatures. The group survived, but it was a tough battle.

So after a couple of hours while they were inside yet another dull corridor, they saw a room ahead. There was a small bonfire in the middle. Near the fire a figure in the hood sat, facing fire and turned back to them.
“This time we will not make such a folly! I’ll sneak ahead and try to kill him from behind. Stay here!” – said Delynx to others.
She did it, sneaked right behind him, prepared her spear and… rocks started falling down! Ouch! It’s a trap! But this time it was her folly, not Inotan’s! She searched around so many times, but somehow she never searched when she was near the figure, so she didn’t notice it was a moulage! Enemies charged from the other end of the corridor while her friends were too far behind. As if it wasn’t enough, a kobold threw something at her, and she became glued to the floor, she couldn’t move while rocks felt directly at her… Arrgghh.
Well, after several moments, when she was already badly hurt, rocks stopped falling, and friends were already near, so the group managed to win the fight anyway. Delynx was even lucky enough not to drop her sunrode (even though somewhere in the middle of the fight she fell inside a trap with a living water), so she could charge kobolds who tried to run away.

A couple more hours, some stairs to the outside, and they found a nice shack, where they decided to sleep. She dreamed of a dragon being born, and it wasn’t a very pleasant dream. But in the morning she found a new ki-focus, that made her stronger.
Everyone shared the same dream. They should kill this dragon egg or hatchling. So, back to the caves!



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