Desperate Times

Dwarven grumbling

Dwarves don’t like surprises, especially when those surprises are large and hostile. Dwarves don’t like games, especially if they have no idea about the rules. But nobody asks dwarves about what do they like.

That day Karragh did like nothing at all. Shortly after the party went underground first enemies appeared. Kobolds were already familiar foes, but there were also new beasts – ugly bugs. They were not too dangerous, but they tried to steal the golden horns, which Delynx had found earlier in a cell near the torture chamber. Dwarves don’t like when someone tries to steal their common gold.

Then there was the dragon, this oversized disgusting reptile that obviously wanted them dead. From that tough fight dwarf got several really useful lessons about ways of diverting the enemy’s attention. The only bad thing was that at the end the dragon managed to escape. It just broke the ceiling and flied away, and the adventurers left to enjoy the blue clear sky through the hole.

They enjoyed it not for too long. A little boy appeared, and with his help they managed to get to the surface… just to get grabbed by king’s guards and accused in voiding the sanctity of the (surprise!) Forbidden Garden.

While the whole party was rotting away in a prison cell, strange people came to visit them. The archmage wanted them not to tell the Emperor about elven magic and buildings they’ve seen, and the Lady-related ambassador was just curious to see them and ask some stupid questions. The dwarf was feeling in the middle of a weird and creepy game, and its rules were as clear and transparent as a piece of coal.

But at the end of the day everything looked to be worked out for the best. They were free again, and even more than that, they officially joined the service of the Emperor. Karragh was pleased and comfortable with this fact.

Only the archmage’s look didn’t promise any good for them. But screw the archmage, they’re the Emperor’s servants now!



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