Desperate Times

Defending Anar

By Minra

From the Diary of Minra:

“Let this blessing make you strong to fight against the hordes and save those who seek the protection of the light wall in Anar”. It feels warm, I feel stronger and have more courage to fight those creatures.

The chief officer sent me, Minra, young Minotaur runepriest which serves The Light, and 3 other adventurer looking volunteers to defend trebuchets, just behind the first line. They look weird. Karragh, the dwarf. Looks strong and wise. You don’t see dwarves here anymore. Delynx. Githzerai monk from the other plane, thin and tall. Last one, half-elf sorcerer Inotan. His power lies in stars. No wonder he seems to feel himself superior, he was even late for the speech.

4 soldiers with their captain serve the trebuchets. Scout halfling stands on the wall and reports the battle in front. The light wall just shrinked. I can feel the dark coming everywhere. The battle started. Front line is dealing with hordes of enemies, but holds. While we are discussing best approach to defense, halfling shouts: “They got through! Goblins got through!” we immediately get into our positions expecting to surprise them. Delynx though despite her flexibility didn’t manage to hide behind the crates we put into way before and goblins were happily approaching. It is very difficult to fight in the streets of the city. Thanks to Innotan, who sent his stars on ghoblins, we managed to keep them at the distance. Delynx prooved her skills in battle when she was running around the streets, jumping on and off the rooftops and killing the enemies. Me and Karragh did’nt have much luck in this fight. We were more of an obstacle on the battlefield than proper fighters. It’s just the first battle anyway, who knows how long we will have to hold.

Just after last goblin found his death and front line established and held again, a shout came from behind: “They came from the warehouse!” a soldier, heavily injured, shouted her last words. What should we do now? Go there? Stay here? While deciding, Inotan tried to search the soldiers body. “Stop it right now! How dare you search bodies of our allies?” Delynx shouted at him. “Do it again and you’ll get badly hurt! I’m watching you!”.

The front line was holding so we quickly decided to look into the warehouse. There was a huge hole on the ground with kobolds fighting out. We quickly approached them when I heard the leader priest shouting: “For Daros!”. They are fighters of that evil dragon!

This time Karragh surprised me. He was ‘flying’ through the hole to get close to one of the kobolds. Amazing how old looking short dwarf can surprise :)

We didn’t manage to kill them all. One fled back to the tunnel and the priest activated some kind of tunneling machine and fled crying through newly made tunnel. I just heard “Githzrak!” and he was gone.
Inotan quickly searched bodies ans took one of those tunneling machines when we heard shouts from trebuchets and sounds of battle.


We just made it close to the entrance when goblins came into trebuchet area. It didn’t seem to be a difficult battle, their numbers were far less than last time. It was a bad luck on our side though.


It counted into fear of the trebuchet crew too. Halfling wanted to flee and almost attacked the officer. Though nice Inotans diplomatic and my faith approach broke his attempts and quick action of Delynx made him to stay and continue to defend the Anar.  When we just managed to get everyone to stay, orcs brake through from the house on the other side! Very hardworking difficult battle although Delynx, even when blinded, managed to keep the foes hurt and occupied.  Poor halfling, after a little while he got killed by the orcs.


At the same time the signal to retreat came from the city. Masses of soldiers were running through the city streets. We were lucky I was studying our minotaur history throughout my life and I knew how to get away through old city labyrinths.

Also a huge dinosaur charged through the wall. We couldn’t fight it ourselves and it was blocking our escape route. Luckily Inotan thought of using the tunneling device. He threw it to Delynx who jumped up the dinosaur. I shouted her the activation words and she let it run into the dinosaur, killing it.


We were running back to the city war camp. On our way we found the barricade of people refusing to go from their homes. First they did not want to let us through, but diplomatic skills on Inotan did a good work. Unfortunately, they listened to him entirely and didn’t listen The Light telling them to go with us. Instead they stayed back to fight and found a bad future for their lives.


In camp we were safe. We were left to rest in a tent which after a while turned into guarded prison. An important mage of the city came and told us we were injured by dark weapons and therefore he can’t let us walk around. There were two other soldiers and their officer with us. Kasumi, leader, had a strange shield close to her. It had a carving of a minotaur! “Where did you get it?” I asked. I think I must be quite scary looking when she told me the story shaking with fear. The shield belonged to a great fighter of the minotaur empire, Markel, who  was famous for his loud bellowing voice and brutal war cries.


Whole night went uneventfull. Although Delynx seemed to see those two badly injured spldiers turning into zombies and just in case she finished them up. Just as we all were getting up floor started shaking and we fell into the hole as big as whole tent. Delynx and Inotan managed to end up at the bottom unhurt, but me and Korragh were not so lucky. Our heavy clumsy bodies ended up in our faces. Kobolds again! We managed to get them all. Delynx was running around and damaging them everywhere, Inotan sent a lot of magic into the battle, Korragh was hitting hard and I was trying to hit, heal and protect my co-fighters.
Done. Our first day of battle. The Light stays with us. It seems that we’ll stick together for now. It’s good to have somebody to cover your back…



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