Desperate Times

Deep into the...ground, through the forrest and finaly up up to the sky!

By Inotan

So we were trapped in some kind of corridor, enemies coming from every direction. We were moving forward, trying to avoid traps (with a horrible result). Finaly, after few encounters, quite tired of the darkness, we got into the strange room, surrounded by trees, with a strange doors on one side and two, beutiful statue’s in the middle. They were so amazing that I couldnt stay behind and I had to touch them…. IT WAS A TRAP. I got hit by both of them and nearly died. Thank’s to my friends we were able to fight them back. Unfortunatly the mysterious door were to hard for us to force. We had to follow the dark corridor where we encountered even more enemies. They were trying to open the door but they also couldn’t… We have killed everyone and at the end we have found a same room (no statu’s this time!) as before but it was burned down and there were bad guys there. Very very tired of the darkness and many encounters our minds weren’t working as they should but we made it and we have won and just when the last enemy died, the door has opened.

When we have stepped inside, or should I say outside?, we were amazed about the totaly different world there, mysterious, ancient, just amazing. I don’t remember much, i was so tired. I remember that we have found this strange tower Editor: It was Tree and we had to climb very high before we have noticed a view on the city. Strange enough. The most mysterious thing was, that when in the city, you could not see the tower [Tree], but from the tower[Tree] you could look at the city… very strange.

Anyway, we have found bed and food and the first thing I did was eat and just when I have finished I went to bed. The others where talking and I think they wanted somebody to stay awake but I don’t remember much.

I was dreaming about strange underground corridors and rooms and… a dragon! We all had the same dream! And when I got up… my skin was covered in a strange tatoo. And this tatoo gave me new energy. There were two moons on it… and it was not a normal tatoo…. it was moving… amazing place… I will never forget this tower, and this food. But it was time to go further and to look for this dragon!



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