Desperate Times

A dragon from a dream

By Minra

From the Diary of Minra:

Coming back from the secret Elven place we followed the way showed in a dream….


This place looks like used thousands years ago, by the old Minotaur society. Door to a prison cells chamber had a hook trap installed. It’s good that Delynx knows how to deal with those mechanisms. 
…so many prison cells… in one of them Delynx found one pair of the golden horns. They used to be worn by worshipers of The Dark at the time of great Minotaur Empire. Interesting, if The Dark was the main religion of the Minotaur Empire, why were the worshipers imprisoned here? Or it was just a pile of treasure left by some creature?
On the other side are a rotten door. I can hear whispers through, and flapping of the leather wings… Can’t understand though. Delynx reproduced it for me, she got it quite nicely. There are 4-5 of them, have no idea we are here…


Bashing through the door we managed to surprise them. Kobolds and two kind of flying lizard creatures…biting and stealing our treasure! It’s another prison cell room. Delynx quickly dealt with the two of them, I wasn’t so lucky in this fight. Also Inotan looks like he would rather stay in bed than fight.


The stairways lead us down to another room, it used to be a place of worshiping. Dark energy flowes around here and altar shows signs of lots of sacrifices. Four dragonspawn and a kobold staying against us. Amazed by this place, my arms are missing more than hitting the enemies. Delynx however is doing great, showing them what they deserve. This fight was long…
Better to clean the place from this dark energy, at least a little bit.


Behind the altar were the door…leading to a Dragon!
FILCRUM, a red dragon hatchling, servant of Daros. Or maybe a child of his? How close are our enemies to us and we don’t even notice?
Delynx hit him first, and quite hard. Inotan joined with the power of his stars hitting the dragon heavily. Trying to get close to him, I got hit by his tail! How dangerous he is, it hurt quite a lot! But I managed, blinded him and got my strength to support others in slaying this monster. And again Delynx had her day. Slaying the kobolds and fighting the dragon. Her and Korragh. I tried to keep them alive by healing what I could. Inotan was more careful, kept the distance while constantly hitting the dragon. Not like me. Such a big creature and I can’t hit! But it got me, to my knees….others got him to flee…. Trying hard to get away by melting the ceiling, got itself out under the protection of The wall…and got desintegrated….


KAI, a little boy, how peaceful. Found help and we climbed up.
Forbidden gardens of the Emperror of The Light! We’re in trouble. Nobody can enter this place! And this boy, he’s an Emperror’s son! The Elite guard found us quickly. BOHAI, the head of the guard listened our story. After we gave up our weapons, he took us to the cell to wait for the Emperors decision without any further trouble.


Waiting wasn’t that uneventful as I thought it would be, after what we went through. The archmage SIAN himself came to hear our story. Interesting. He doesn’t get quite along with The Light, even though he is a strong defender of the city of Anar. What does he want from us? He will save us out of death sentence if we won’t tell the Emperor the truth about the Elven catacombs. What is he planning? We can’t do that! The Emperor must know all the truth! The evil is nearer than we think! 
Another visitor showed up later. The ambassador of the West, the Dame SAIRA STRONG, allied with the LADY. Just wanted to talk, curious about us “the dragonslayers”. She says she just wants to support trading between the two countries. Nothing else. I don’t know, there is something suspitious about both of them…


The Emperor himself, in front of us! What an honour! THE PIOUS ONE, the head of The Light, is here too. It’s good to see him again. Telling our whole story, he will know what we’re talking about, he is an ancient eladrin, he knows..
Thanks to him, we managed to avoid the death. Instead, we entered the service of The Emperor of The Light. That is a great honour for me, and for others too!
SIAN wasn’t happy though, we will regret it apparently. I am sure our ways will cross sooner or later…
But for now…even though we feel much stronger and skilled (we leveled)…let’s rest in the barracks…



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